Monitoring the Cisco 678

My connection to the boundless cache of information called the “internet” is handled by my trusty Cisco 678. Unfortunately, the phone infrastructure in my building is less than top quality and my connection quality degrades over time. Part of my solution to this problem involves monitoring my 678 (running CBOS 2.4). Configuring Syslog The Cisco […]

Using SSH with Transient Servers

In this modern era of cloud computing, servers are provisioned as needed and destroyed when their work is done. Most of these servers are short lived and have relatively low security requirements. This leads to some annoyances when using SSH. Specifically, the known_hosts file is constantly growing, most of the host records belong to hosts […]

Go(Away)Daddy – Transferring a Domain to Network Solutions

I’ve been using Network Solutions¬†as my domain registrar for longer than I’d like to admit. Before I moved everything I could to Amazon Route 53, I used Network Solutions as a DNS service, too. If Amazon ever offers a registrar service, I would drop Network Solutions and consolidate in a heart beat. And, despite the […]